Percy and Kyp

Percy and Kyp
Percy's voice is in blue. Kyp's voice is in orange. In black its us together

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Sad Day

We are sad to report that Percy died Tuesday, August 8 in the afternoon.  
He will be missed!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Vacation during the Library Repair

While the library was being fixed from the rain damage, we visited Miss Renee's home.  There we got to know Zoey, the cat.  Yes a cat.  While we were nervous at first we soon realized that we were quite safe in our cage, thus we were able to have some fun making Zoey play "watch the birdie". (Think of a person following the ball during a tennis match - turn head, turn head, turn head...).
Miss Renee was holding Zoey
while this picture was being taken.
 Everyone one, birds and cat were safe.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beating Boredom

The reality of living in a cage instead of like a wild bird is that occasionally boredom can set in.  We don't have to struggle to survive by finding food and water, evading predators, so in one way our life is quite safe, but that doesn't mean that we don't get bored. Of course the ever changing faces and voices that visit our cage does keep us rather occupied - you'd be surprised what people will do when they think only a bird is watching (wink wink - we won't tell). But people watching can only be interesting for so long. One of the most interesting things we do is arrange our nesting material - that is all the white fluff in our cage.  Creating your own comfortable bed in which to sleep takes quite a bit of work and we take it very seriously (some of us take it a bit more seriously than others, sometimes a little too seriously - Oh be quiet, you seem to like to share a nest and I bet its because mine is more comfortable than your - that's because you are a fluff hog and there are pictures to prove it.) Anyway we spend a lot of time adjusting and moving fluff.  The two pictures below were taken two days in a row and it shows just how much we fuss.

This picture was taken on Wednesday, June 22 in the evening
As you can see the fluff is clearly in the left nest.
This picture was taken on Thursday, June 23 in the morning
As you can see the fluff is now in the right nest

The question was why was all the fluff moved from one nest to the other, that's easy because Miss Renee ruined the fluff in the left nest, see how it is leaning to the right while in the nest on the left well it was originally leaning to the left and Miss Renee flipped it to lean the other way.  As a result Kyp (and Percy though mostly Kyp) felt the need to move it to a completely different nest.  Miss Renee thinks we're a little crazy and fluff obsessed, but what is a bird to do?

So we can beat boredom by playing with fluff.  We understand that kids also get hit with boredom especially during the summer.  Well if you're starting to feel that way don't forget to come to the library.  You can visit with us and find out about all the cool things the library is doing here this summer.  We'll of course talk more about that later.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

402nd National Park

We have just been told that we are now living in a National Park!  It is so cool, because in Parks they try to conserve the natural environment so we know that all our feathered friends outside will have better lives. This New Park is Called the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor and it is designed to preserve the Blackstone River and the history of the beginnings of the American Industrial Revolution all thanks to Samuel Slater.  If you've visited the library you will notice outside on the stone building section of the library are the words the Slater Building, that is because part of the library is housed in one of the original buildings belonging to Samuel Slater.  The Centennial park behind the library is along a section of the Blackstone River that was altered in order to power the mills in Slatersville, and it is where a lot of our friends live.  There is Fred the downy woodpecker, Mr. and Mrs. Redd the Cardinals and Steve the Sparrow all who live or occasionally visit the Park.  We're glad to know that they will be taken care of as the library will be doing more things outside in Centennial Park in partnership with the National Park Services.  We've even heard that the library will be installing a pollinator garden for birds, butterflies and bees.  Its going to be great fun and there will be plenty of new stuff to look forward to.